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Published: August 25, 2016

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An eye in the sky

The benefits of using drones in construction

At Cook Brothers Construction we constantly implement modern approaches and technologies into our work-flow, push the limits and explore new, innovative solutions to ensure outstanding projects and added value for our clients. Always innovative is one of our six base pillars of excellence and drones are just one of the approaches we choose in order to improve our services and look after our client’s needs.

We use drones to capture the progress of our sites before, during and after construction to capture high definition aerial images and videos throughout the development’s different stages. The benefits of the use of drones are plenty and we see drone technology as a way to cut costs and increase efficiency on our projects. Not to mention the bird's eye perspective images for our and the client's records. Be assured this kind of footage will impress your investors and manages.

Authour: chris mackle

Type: Articles


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Tracking of construction progress

We can pre-programme flight paths and perform regular flights on the same route to keep an eye on project progress by checking every detail of the development. We use this footage to ensure we stay on programme and to budget, as well as to prepare comprehensive reports for our clients.

Construction developments are time-consuming and demand plenty of resources, skills and attention to detail. Small oversights can result in big mistakes, and mistakes cost money. With the help of drone technology (and other innovative technologies we use), we can spot those faults before they become a real problem. The eye in the sky is especially beneficial when inspecting steel structures and roofs.

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Land Surveying and planning

A land survey needs to be done prior commencement of works and drone footage can be a good way of simplifying this process and cut down on costs. This footage can then be used for the planning process, providing the foundation for a thorough methodology and programme. This approach is especially useful on poorly accessible sites.

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Improved H&S Monitoring

Using drones for health and safety inspections is a lot more cost effective than traditional inspection methods, but the biggest bonus of using drone footage for health and safety inspections is keeping everyone at a safe distance from the possible risks.

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Drone footage can also be used to perform infrastructure inspections. It gives a clear picture of the risks involved with knocking something down, and enables us to check over something that’s just been installed.


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