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Operational Excellence

Zero Harm & Risk

Cook Brothers Construction promotes a positive health & safety culture that is embedded in our daily work. Each member of our team is made to feel important and valued, and know that their safety is a priority. This intent and strong focus provide us with positive team morale, increasing productivity, quality, job satisfaction, retention of the team, relationships and promotes innovation.

On Budget

With well-prepared programmes and accurate quantity surveying and expenses estimation, the foundations are set for timely projects to be delivered. During your project we will provide value engineering when we see opportunities to do so, enabling you as the client to put these savings to other areas of the project. In order for you to make informed decisions, all variations to the contract will be presented with transparency and supporting documentation.

On Time

A Start-Up meeting while inducting those present on to the site, will also touch on the specifics of the project, programme and Last Planner. Through engaging all trade partners, consultants and clients at this stage of the project we are all taking accountability for the timely delivery of the project.

Highest Quality

Quality assurance is integral to our process. The techniques and materials are unique for each project, but we always strive to deliver every project with an unparalleled precision and quality. Cook Brothers Construction has a very thorough Quality Assurance Policy, which includes a comprehensive set of quality checks and inspections.

Highly Innovative

Innovation comes in many forms and variations, one such innovation leading the way in the form of our approach to technology and systems is Procore; a cloud-based construction software used by leading construction companies across the globe. When talking about innovation, fundamentally we see it as adding value, and Procore ties into our focus for operational excellence.

Sustainability Focused

In 2015 half of the waste in our landfill came from the construction industry. As an organisation part of the construction industry, we have the opportunity to contribute to a Ōhanga āmiomio (circular economy) to reduce waste and pollution, utilise quality materials that represent longevity or re-use whilst contributing to the regeneration and preservation of natural systems.

We think of sustainability as “future thinking” across our entire business. This not only relevant to our projects and their environments, but also to our team. We take a sustainable approach to the training, development and culture of our team and communities.

Community Spirit

In each of our regions, Cook Brothers Construction holds a tight connection to their local community. These connections over the years have seen us involved in many fundraising initiatives and sponsored sporting teams.

Over the last five years of our Daffodil Gardens, we have had the opportunity to connect with over 160 businesses around the country who have come together to raise funds and “plant a daffodil” on the hoarding. Together, we have now collectively raised an incredible $110,000 for the Cancer Society of New Zealand to continue their vital services to support New Zealanders going through cancer. This strong connection to community lives in the hearts of our team and is fundamental to our operations.