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What we do today, defines our tomorrow.

Mā ngā mahi o tēnei rā, e hanga te āhua o āpōpō

Cook Brothers Construction acknowledges the environmental and wider sustainability impact of the construction industry. With the continued growth of Cook Brothers Construction nationwide, our team has set their sights on the future. It is with great pride that sustainability has become a core focus for our team. Our goal moving forward is to understand more of how we can make a tangible difference to our country and our communities, and then commit to this in each of our projects.

Cook Brothers Construction has a statutory duty of care to maintain the precious balance of culture, heritage and archaeological elements of our sites. We adhere to the 1986 Environment Act which ensures the protection of natural and physical resources and the quality of our environment for future generations.

We have an ambitious strategy in place and have developed the below essential themes and commitments for a more sustainable future.

Our Initiatives


Team wellbeing - We care for the health, safety and wellbeing of our people.

Knowledge - We develop the capability of our people to build a sustainable future.

Community care - We care for and contribute to the communities and society that we are all a part of.


Climate action - We understand the urgency of climate action and aim to be carbon negative.

Ecosystems - We respect and protect the ecosystems we work within and impact on.


Leadership - We recognise the potential to do well by doing more good. We want to be the best by being the most sustainable.

Collaboration - We recognise the power of collaborative efforts in building a more sustainable future.


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