Apprentice Development Coach

National Team News 18 June 2021


We are incredibly excited to introduce Matt, who has come on board as our Apprentice Development Coach. At Cook Brothers Construction, we love developing our team and seeing each individual grow in their role. Matt will closely work with all our Apprentices to ensure they receive the support they need, keep up with bookwork, and apply their knowledge to a practical setting. He will mentor apprentices to get through their qualifications and orient them around the various opportunities they can do at Cook Brothers.

In 2020, Cook Brothers were proud to be named as one of five institutions to be offered funding under the Provincial Growth Fundin (PGF) scheme. The funding provided to Cook Brothers is part of a $12million package for businesses operating in the Government's Regional Apprenticeship Initiative, aiming to create 300 apprenticeships nationwide.

Welcoming Matt on board is a fantastic opportunity to support further individuals in our industry and our regional economies and communities in a sustainable and structured manner. Matt will assist our new and current apprentices to gain their trade qualifications and upskill to leadership roles, enabling them to live and work locally.

Matt has a strong background in construction. He went overseas to start his own construction company, where he also enjoyed training his apprentices. Once Matt returned to New Zealand, he began teaching at Otago Polytechnic and since then has completed two more degrees in adult education and tertiary learning. 

We are proud to do our part, ensuring that New Zealand has a pipeline of skilled workers to support our future, helping apprentices stay connected to employment and regional communities thrive. Welcome to the team, Matt! 


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Apprentice Development Coach