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Flexible Working

National Industry Updates 27 September 2021


Have you been working in the construction industry and craving more me-time? Wish you could work shorter hours to catch some extra surf in the summer or snow in the winter? Want condensed weeks to get off to the Bach earlier in the weekend? Want to start later so you can drop the kids off at school? The borders open, and you want to spend four months in Bali? Maybe you have a cultural or religious holiday you want off every year? 

Luckily, we are on the lookout for people who want to improve their quality of life (no matter what that looks like to you!)

At Cook Brothers Construction, we are committed to transforming the industry and becoming a leader in team member experience. Recognising the different needs for flexibility within our current and future team is something that we want to not only accommodate but also celebrate. Our people are the heart and soul of what we do, and not only do we want them to have a great life at work, we want to make sure we create an environment that accommodates a quality life outside of work too!

We are making a further commitment to diversity and inclusion and our teams' wellbeing with the introduction of Flexible Working at Cook Brothers Construction. 

Each year we host National and Regional Summits to provide our team with tools for their work and personal lives and provide a space for innovation and open conversations to flourish. This year one of the innovations raised was flexible working. 

But how could this model work in a Construction Company where the traditional "work from home" ethos does not suit every role? We began by recognising the different needs within our team and designing a framework around what flexibly looked like in our industry.  

Directed by our one team value and the mentality that "it's always possible until it's not", we implemented eight guiding principles. Our team can design their flexible working pattern at Cook Brothers around these guidelines to establish a flexible option tailored to them. Then, in August of 2021, we launched this initiative.  

How it's going

So far, we are stoaked to see every type of role within the company take advantage of flexible working. Like any new change, it comes with its twist and turns, but no challenge is too hard for us to work through.

It's been good fun working with our team, through the ins and outs of it and getting creative to make it work. We have seen the added benefit of greater collaboration and support through the teams who have taken this up.

As we go into the second month of flexible working, we look forward to more team members taking advantage of this. We will continue to work as one team to support one another's wellbeing, create an inclusive environment, and be a leader in workplace experience. 

Want to be a part of it? Check out our careers page!

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Stephanie Mann
Human Resources Manager
Cook Brothers Construction