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Health and Safety is 100%

National Industry Updates 26 June 2020


Cook Brothers Construction's priority is to maintain safe sites and healthy team members so that they can continue to enjoy the things in life most important to them. 


Fantastic news coming out this week around the Cook Brothers Construction SiteWise prequalification receiving a perfect score of 100% in our recent assessment.  

Cook Brothers Construction first submitted a Sitewise assessment in 2012 and received a score of 57%. Slowly, but surely, our team have worked to improve our systems and in 2016 peaked with a rating of 99%. Working Nationwide to elevate our standards in an everchanging health and safety landscape, our team has been chasing the top mark ever since. Each year, our team has committed themselves to this improvement, and in June of 2020 it paid off. 

SiteWise is a baseline prequalification system widely used within the construction industry, that grades a contractor's health & safety capability based on evidence submitted on sites. It deviates away from looking at the health and safety processes and procedures and narrows in on evidence that the procedures are used effectively.  

Cook Brothers Construction promotes a positive health & safety culture that is embedded in our daily work. Each member of our team is made to feel important and valued, and know that their safety is a priority. This intent and strong focus provide us with positive team morale, increasing productivity, quality, job satisfaction, retention of the team, relationships and promotes innovation.

In 2017 Cook Brothers Construction adopted Sitewise Green (a score higher than 75%) as the minimum requirement for our Trade Partners to ensure the uppermost health and safety standard for all on our sites.

Congratulations to our Health & Safety Manager, our committee, and national representatives for their tireless efforts to educate, demonstrate review and uphold the health & safety of the very highest level on all Cook Brothers sites.