Innovation Award 2019

National Team News 23 October 2019


It all starts with an idea - at Cook Brothers Construction, we have a strong focus on being innovative. This year's awards saw a very high level of quality, commitment and ingenuity. There were various ideas from sustainability and recycling focuses, app development, community-driven ideas and quality improvements. The quality of competition reflected the level of ingenuity our team holds. We are always driven to improve and to transform the construction industry.

However, there can only be one winner, and this year saw Mark Binney take out first place with his Cook Book. Mark is bringing back accountability to the table with a handy notebook. His idea grew in strength throughout the competition and saw the benefits of sustainability and quality. He has sourced out a local New Zealand company for his notebooks while branding them up with our vision and values. His idea was simple but effective. With the potential to include safety messages, monthly focuses and vision plus options for different versions for trades and the team, the Cook Book became the swiss army knife of personal organisation.

The innovation award reminds us no matter how big or small the idea is, innovation can develop. Not only do these ideas transform our team but that of our trade partners and contacts.

We congratulate all those who got involved in showcasing their ideas.