Meet Daniel- Our Sustainability Carpenter

Otago Team News Community 28 March 2022


Meet Daniel, our Sustainability Carpenter based in Dunedin! This exciting new role will see Daniel working out of our workshop to repurpose excess and demolition materials from sites into items that can be reused within our communities, further reinforcing our commitment to Sustainability. 

Daniel is fully equipt for the task, thanks to Hilti, who have kindly offered their support for this initiative supplying him with all the hand tools required to complete his work. 

Our sustainability strategy strongly focuses on waste minimisation. This means considering waste throughout the lifecycle of the building. So up first for Daniel was creating Rifleman/ titipounamu nesting stations and rat trap boxes for the Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group and City Sanctuary. The nesting boxes will be installed at Ross Creek Reserve to help these tiny birds nest safely. 

Titipounamu makes their nests inside holes in tree trunks. This makes them incredibly vulnerable to predators because there is no escape route once a rat or stoat enters the nest. By building predator-proof nesting boxes, the birds are provided with a safe place to raise their young, free from the dangers lurking in the night. The wee birds love their nest boxes, and a once declining population is now on the rise.

Ship and Norway rats can significantly impact New Zealand's flora and fauna because they are omnivores – eating birds, seeds, snails, lizards, fruit, weta, eggs, chicks, and larvae and flowers.

Rats have a large variety for their diet, leading to them competing with native wildlife for food sources. Direct predation and food competition can pressure our native bird species, especially with scarce food availability.

Trapping for rats throughout reserves and private properties where native birds feed and nest makes sure that we're controlling the adverse effects of rats on our native wildlife. Continued control of rats allows more food sources and safer nesting conditions that help precious species thrive

It's great to have Daniel on board to repurpose materials and help community projects like these!  

See what Daniel has to say here!