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Meet Our New Auckland Regional Manager

Auckland Team News 13 September 2023

"Once a Cook Brother, always a Cook Brother". 

Nine years ago, Mike Jones was a Project Manager for Cook Brothers Construction. Mike ventured into various avenues, both home and abroad, between then and now, expanding his construction knowledge and entrepreneurial skills. Mike re-joined the Cook Brothers team this year, feeling the same affinity to the values and culture he loved all those years ago. 

When the call came, Mike stepped up to lead our Auckland team as Regional Manager and has worked to forge a way forward for this dynamic region. To Mike, "Cook Brothers really believes in people, and being an RM is special". With his incredible drive and passion, Mike leads our team, a "great bunch of people," towards the many opportunities up for grabs; "There's no mountain worth climbing if you're not willing to conquer it." 

We can't wait to see the results of this team as they build on this drive and thrive on the challenges and opportunities of the future.