Ring the Gong for Roki

Southern Lakes Project Update 3 November 2023


The air is electric with excitement as our team celebrates the next phase of the Roki Collection Hotel project, marked by the long-awaited Tower Crane! The Smiths Cranes crew displayed remarkable efficiency, seamlessly and safely installing the crane. Their unwavering commitment to health and safety was not only impressive but absolutely essential for the successful completion of this task.

Even more reason to celebrate is the incredible feats achieved by the team over the past year. Together with Moores Construction, we have removed an astounding 7600m3 which is equal to 230 x 20ft shipping containers! Furthermore, we've drilled 141 retaining piles with a combined length of 1.35km, demonstrating our precision and dedication to excellence.

As we celebrate the team's one-year anniversary on-site at Roki, it's clear that the hard work and perseverance have paid off. The first foundations have been poured, and come mid-November, the first precast panel will make its arrival, marking yet another significant step forward.

A special nod goes to the team's unwavering dedication, making it possible for us to reach these impressive milestones. And let's not forget the unique touches that have made this journey memorable – from the unveiling of the crane flag, to Kalena's site-specific cake, and the charter for all companies and individuals involved in the project to sign. Kudos to everyone for their outstanding contributions and a resounding applause for the gong-ringing celebration – truly epic!

We can't wait to unveil this wonder to Queenstown; watch this space.