Sumner Clock Tower Revealed

Project Update Community 29 January 2020


The Sumner Clock Tower scaffolding has finally been removed, and the project is soon to be complete!

The structure of the Sumner Clock Tower has finally been revealed to the much-awaited public for the first time in almost two years. Four refurbished clock faces have been installed with painstaking precision to ensure the clock mechanisms can be fitted. All structural repairs have been completed, and the tower has also received a full electrical upgrade with colour changing LED lights to enhance the 100-year-old tower.

The work is a credit to the Trade Partners and Cook Brothers Project Manager Ben Brown and Site Manager Mark Smith who have overseen the delicate and complex repairs. The process has been a puzzle of significant hidden damage that has been repaired with diligence, care, and detailed records. In particular, the Quality Assurance systems developed for this project from Ben and Mark have allowed the project to continue with great success.

Our Canterbury Team has stepped up to take on concrete repairs with this structure with outstanding results, a process usually outsourced to Trade Partners. Our Team has excelled in both effort and workmanship, a great tribute to Ben, Mark and the Canterbury team.