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Systems at Cook Brothers Construction

National Team News 5 May 2020


At Cook Brothers Construction, we see learning and innovation going hand and hand. We continually push the boundaries of what we know and how we can go further, build smarter and achieve more. Key to making this happen is the systems and software that drive our day to day practice. One such system is the cloud-based construction software, Procore. At Cook Brothers, we see Procore as a tool of innovation for our business; fundamentally, we see it as adding value.

Over the last few months, our team has been undertaking intensive online systems training, led by Business System Manager Emma in groups of up to 65 people. From cloud-based documentation to contactless sign-in for sites, these training sessions, in response to the COVID-19 restrictions, have allowed Cook Brothers to remain versatile and responsive in the new construction environment.

Emma's drive is to see the improvement of our business system processes to make life easier for everyone so we can spend more time on what matters, and that fundamentally is building quality spaces for our communities. By understanding user's business system problems, she identifies where we are not using the full system capability, and manages system upgrades to enhance and eliminate identified system problems.

When she isn't fine-tuning systems, Emma is gardening, hiking, biking and playing football. With a love to travel, she likes nothing more than putting on a backpack and setting off.