Air New Zealand Concierge Space & Offices

Auckland Commercial Fit-Out Design and Build / ECI

Air New Zealand engaged Cook Brothers Construction for the build and fit-out of their new Concierge Area and Campus 1A Office Space in Auckland.

With tight deadlines, this project proved to be a logistical challenge with much of the Air New Zealand equipment allowing little to no downtime for transfer and relocation. The Auckland team worked to deadlines including the coordination of international aviation specialist brought on board to recalibrate systems. 

The fit-out included the dismantling and transfer of flight simulation equipment, engineering departments and lithium battery stores and workshops. Staff facilities including bathrooms and staff areas were upgraded, and new office spaces were constructed. 

External works included landscaping, re-fencing the area and the resealing of roadways surrounding the workshop areas. 

The Auckland Team celebrated alongside Air New Zealand at the opening of the new facility in November of 2017 with a crowd of over 600. Cook Brothers Construction are proud of our continued collaboration with the New Zealand icon, Air New Zealand.