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Burnham School

Canterbury Government

The Canterbury team commenced works on Burnham's School Stage 1 project and has recently handed over the much-improved 600m2 teaching space.


The team lifted floors of the existing classroom block over four classrooms, completed excavation works, and added further footings for earthquake strengthening. The building also received new windows, doors and much-improved furnishings.

The installation of the school block deck was a highlight for the team. The "micro mesh" fibreglass decking product has superb grip and is low maintenance - perfect for the school environment. This product, also used on the Auckland Harbour boardwalks, was a fantastic addition to the busy school.

Innovation was abundant on the project, with Rob, our nominated Site Foreman innovatively reusing the shower linings for the splashbacks, which not only looked great but was an excellent sustainability initiative and a cost-saving for the school. The team also used Hydro Excavation on the footings, which made it faster and more cost-effective to dig through the solid earth surroundings.

Overall, the first stage of work was completed to a high standard, with excellent collaboration from all involved. The team are now underway on completing Stage 2.


  • Silver Award: Education Category - NZ Commercial Project Awards 2024