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Grace House

Southern Lakes Architectural /Residential

Spectacular Views of Wakatipu

This striking architectural home sits overlooking Lake Wakatipu in spectacular Queenstown. The design features a clean, bright and white streamlined finish with a bold concrete mid-floor apron which forms the entry door cover and the living area outside terrace. It also provides a huge amount of storage to the lower level and space for all the grandchildren to visit in the bedroom wing. During the build, a lift was added to the scope allowing ease of access to the upper levels.

The section, much lower and steeper than the adjoining properties, was originally deemed unbuildable. This was challenged and resolved with a detailed geotechnical and structural backfill design. This resulted with the building of a two leveled house in keeping with the height of the houses either side.

The living area terrace is a fantastic feature in the property as it sees all day and year round sun, shielded by a toughened glass balustrade and finished with a vitex board left to age naturally offering interesting textures both to touch and eye with the smooth glass and shuttered concrete walls.

Quality was never compromised on this build, with the devil in the detail. A large number of items hidden from the eye were worked on to ensure the streamlined finish was achieved. This included innovations such as the suggestion and install of electric openers to hard to reach windows, which are controlled as part of the switch panel.

The project team were praised by both the Client and the Architect with good working relationships established on both sides.