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Ilam Fire Station & Training Centre

Canterbury Commercial

In 2019 Cook Brothers Construction commenced works for the new Ilam Fire Station and Training Centre. Through a series of successfully delivered works, our Canterbury team have a strong relationship with Fire and Emergency NZ and were again honoured to work alongside them for improvements and additions to their network. The Ilam project consisted of two buildings, a 24/7 fully operational fire station responding to any emergencies in the area and a training centre used to educate and train fire engineers. 

The site, located near the University of Canterbury, was subject to foot traffic and limited car parking. A thorough traffic management plan was critical to ensure the management of vehicle movements, keeping the community safe at all times. The community was also kept well informed of progress with letter drops if any works were to cause interference. 

The IL4 structure consists of a steel skeleton for strength with timber frames attached to carry the linings/cladding. There are five different types of claddings on the building which complement each other nicely.

Sustainability was a key focus throughout the project, with the team ensuring all waste was separated and put into designated skips. 

Our Team and Trade Partners delivered the project under budget and to programme despite the COVID lockdowns. A significant effort was undertaken by all those involved to minimise the impact on the project.