OBC Pavilion Elmwood Park 14

Old Boy Collegians Cricket Club

Canterbury Commercial

Old Boys Collegians Cricket Club has a rich history dating back to 1924. Cook Brothers Construction partnered with OBCCC to construct a unique pavilion replacing the former facility amid the picturesque Elmwood Park. The new building aims to strengthen communities by providing a quality cricket facility and a strong ethos of inclusion and strives to increase participation in recreational sports in the community. The building itself has two architectural change room wings connected by a central fabric marquee pavilion encased in full-height glass.

After the contract award, Cook Brothers Construction collaborated with OBCCC to refine the project. The Club was keen to participate in the works, and several working bees were undertaken with Club and community members. Aside from the close working relationship between the Cook Brothers Construction, the Architect, and the Club, the building's eye-catching design, including a central fabric pavilion and its unique location, sets this project aside from others.

There were several challenges for this project. Firstly the project was value engineered to reduce the cost after the contract award, then the COVID pandemic and subsequent lockdown hit part way through the build, which put pressure on the programme. The physical location - in a highly built-up residential area and echo-sensitive park setting with a public interface caused the need for extra vigilance for the site team. Finally, the unique architectural design with its central mast and fabric structure challenged the delivery team, who were already under time pressure. The specialist fabric roof imported from Europe required stainless steel tie-down ropes and a specialist team flown from Auckland to conduct the installation. However, despite international procurement and inter-island Trade Partner resource challenges, the team kept to the programme and delivered a high-quality finished product.

The Cook Brothers Construction team developed a robust methodology in collaboration with trade partners to ensure the timely and safe delivery of the project. Public safety and impressions were carefully considered through each activity, including crane work during the 'mast' installation, site security and cleanliness of access routes. Through a consistently high level of cleanliness, daily checks, planning and communication, the team could win over neighbours and the public who had initial reservations about the project. This successful impression was made evident with the team receiving regular positive comments from the public and even a letter from a neighbour complimenting the site's presentation.

Cook Brothers and the Architect and Club undertook collaboration sessions to value engineer the build before construction. Regular meetings were held throughout the project to keep stakeholders well informed, especially around the COVID uncertainty which provided a direct and honest relationship with trust and accountability.