PBT steel


Southern Lakes Commercial

In July 2018 Cook Brothers Construction was engaged by Logistics Company PBT to construct a new commercial build consisting of a warehouse and office in Cromwell.

The scope of the project included a 2,000m2 warehouse constructed of pre-cast panels and structural steel and an Alucobond 120m2 office area. The greenfield site was in an easily accessible location providing good access for our Southern Lakes team. With an exterior fence and large parking area for trucks, the entire site provides PBT with a practical and serviceable area.

The build methodology was unique in terms of the delivery of structural steel. The project programme was rearranged based on this delivery to ensure that the project was completed on time and within budget.

A real feature of this project was the large floor slab. Developed for this site by Denka, the advanced concrete product significantly reduces shrinkage cracks, reduces surface maintenance and allows for larger placements without control joints. For the size and purpose of this project, the use of this material highlights how the challenges were assessed to ensure sustained quality throughout the development and delivery of the project.