RD Complete 21

RD Petroleum

Canterbury Commercial Design and Build / ECI

Cook Brothers Construction Canterbury recently completed an office and warehouse project for RD Petroleum. This new build is now the main distribution centre for RD Petroleum in Christchurch. The construction of this 540m2 warehouse combines both precast panels and structural steel with an open warehouse, and office fit-out.

The build sequence of this project was innovatively adjusted throughout the build to avoid costly delays. One such example is the precast panels which were initially set to be installed on the foundations first. However, due to unexpected delays with the precast panels our Cook Brothers team proposed an innovate solution. The project programme was re-worked so that the concrete could be poured first with slots left for the panels. This decision resulted in a project delivered on time as well as under budget.

The Canterbury team coordinated and communicated well with the independent contractor completing the extensive site works during the same time as the build. Overall the project went exceptionally well, with a strong client relationship.