Nest AL5460

The Chamberson Hotel

Otago Commercial

This multi-faceted project was constructed over many levels, each with an individual design and room/commercial structure. The first floor hosted office space, reception, public restrooms, and commercial bike shop storage, with the second and third floors hosting self-contained hotel suites, both single and double bedroom. The fourth and final floor accommodated three individual units with ensuites and a conference room. A real highlight of the project was the Conference Room detailing, with the stained black planter boxes and LED lights throwing different shadows on the raked ceiling. The Cook Brothers Team value a high-quality finish, and the exterior batten wall of the Commercial area came up exceptionally well thanks to some careful detailing by the Team.

This process required the complete gutting of the interior back to exposed brick walls and structure. The team then constructed individual fire cells which would become hotel units, leaving brick exposed to exterior walls, and funky painted dado lines in suites which complimented the rustic/retro design.

The project, located within the bustling hub of downtown Dunedin, presented many challenges. The loading of materials into the building on the corner of a busy state highway with limited access was one such challenge that the Otago team met head-on. As a solution, the team used an electric forklift to load materials into the site, by cutting holes in the floor where materials could be lifted up through the levels. This innovation, which not only increased productivity but reduced manual handling down to a minimum for our team, was made possible by the excellent communication of the Otago team and the strong relationship with the ground floor tenant, to ensure there were minimal disruptions to their business.