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Victoria Street

Canterbury Commercial

Cook Brothers Construction recently completed a new commercial build on Victoria Street right in the heart of Christchurch city. This 1200m2 modern two-storey building is architecturally eye-catching, designed with a striking abstract gold metal facade, large dining deck, and open plan internal spaces.

Our Canterbury team took the opportunity to bring their ingenuity to the project working with some challenging and unusual angles for this build. The mesh facade in conjunction with the glass front on this sleek new build is appealing with the abstract angled alcobond front forming the roof for the deck.

During the entire project, the team were solution-oriented when faced with challenges. The team innovatively brought forward ideas to solve complex situations. During the shop drawing process, the decision was made to use an adjustable window facade bracket over a precast. This meant that it was less labour intensive, with greater flexibility plus no additional costs.

The team proved their quality of skill and eye to detail with this fantastic build. The duration of the project saw a slight extension; however, with high levels of motivation and drive, and collaboration with the entire team, the project was completed to an exceptional standard.