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New Brighton Clock Tower Update

Canterbury Project Update 19 December 2019


Together with the Christchurch City Council, our Canterbury team are busy restoring the community icon, the New Brighton heritage clock tower. Further damage has been recently uncovered pushing the works to be completed by March 2020 as extensive repairs are now required for the heritage clock tower.

Sections of the concrete are in worse conditions than the initial engineering investigations suggested. The removal of the defected concrete has exposed corroded steel which has also pushed for additional steel reinforcing before recasting the new concrete. Two of the concrete floors will also need replacing during this process.

To minimise future environmental damage, a corrosion prevention treatment will also be applied to the concrete surfaces. Once the New Brighton clock tower has been fully repaired, it will be freshly painted in its original 1930s colour scheme. We are looking forward to seeing this heritage icon return to its former glory.