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People & Performance

National Team News 16 April 2020


At Cook Brothers, we love our people. We know that we have an exceptional team who have the passion and belief to deliver extraordinary results. We also know that what makes great teams tick is great people, and we are so proud to welcome Nat Fraser on board as our People and Performance Manager.

Nat has recently joined our team with immense experience as a mental skills coach and athlete life advisor in High-Performance Sport. With her passion for people and their performance, Nat loves facilitating growth and learning. Her work with the Cook Brothers team will further their development, performance management and critical thinking skills so that they can express their best in a satisfying, meaningful and fulfilling manner across all aspects of their lives. 

Nat is working with the Cook Brothers team to develop mindset and wellbeing management skills, tools and strategies to enable us to be our best and to respond in a resilient, adaptable and positive way during highly challenging and stressful times. These skills, tools and strategies are like PPE for our mental and physical wellbeing! They are essential for us to perform as humans and to manage our attention and mindset to enable us to put our best foot forward when faced with adversity and challenge. This has been extremely prevalent during our level 4 lockdown, where Nat has facilitated some invaluable training workshops to help take on this pandemic in a thriving state, rather than just a survival state. 

During these uncertain times, it is reassuring that we have the time for us to take a moment to learn. Nat is all about people, but she also loves spending time with her partner and dogs, road cycling and enjoying a nice Chardonnay in beautiful Dunedin. 

Welcome to the team Nat!