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SPLAT Work at Heights Awareness

National Team News 12 March 2020


Work at heights is a critical risk within the construction industry and remains a focus point of all work activities at Cook Brothers Construction. All our teams gathered together yesterday to take part in our Splat initiative to demonstrate the risk involved with working at heights. In a controlled environment on-site, our teams experimented dropping objects from a height onto a watermelon. The watermelon represented a head with the experiment designed to illustrate the huge impact a small object can have when aided by gravity. 

The safety and wellbeing of our entire team and anyone that steps onto our site is our number one priority. This Splat initiative reminded our team of the risk of working at heights, the importance of wearing the correct PPE, following the correct controls implemented on-site and recognising that our behaviour/rituals are an action we do out of habit. The development of one habitual behaviour on-site could significantly reduce the risk of an item falling from a height, so it is essential we do it right the first time. 

Once you go splat, you may never come back.