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Sustainability and Quality

National Team News Industry Updates 26 March 2020


With the continued growth of Cook Brothers Construction nationwide, our team has set their sights on the future. It is with great pride that sustainability has become a core focus for us and with that focus, the appointment of our very own Sustainability and Quality Manager.

Our goal moving forward is to understand more of how we can make a tangible difference to our country and our communities, and key to this is strong stakeholder engagement and management. With expertise in bridging the gap between specialists and the general public, Caroline is responsible for leading and achieving these results in the sustainability and quality space for Cook Brothers Construction.

With her passion for Sustainability, Caroline is responsible for leading, influencing and empowering the Cook Brothers Construction team to take action, change views and behaviours. Making these sort of changes requires a high level of flexibility, adaptability, innovation, creativity and communication. Caroline's leadership in these areas is second to none.

Currently developing our strategies and commitments to quality and sustainability, she is also implementing initiatives and procedures that our team can follow and lead within our industry. We have recently partnered with Remarkit an E-waste company. Our electronic waste (screens, mobiles, TV’s, batteries etc.) from work and home will now be repurposed or recycled with the pioneering kiwis from Remarkit, with less than 2% going to landfill.

Cook Brothers Construction is excited with the direction we are heading around sustainability and quality. Keep an eye out as we are eager to share how we are taking action and changing our behaviour to help try to make a difference to the world we live in.