Sustainability 360

National Team News Industry Updates 27 July 2020


Innovation, determination, results.

Cook Brothers Construction are celebrating the hard work and future-forward initiative of one of our fantastic team members, Quality and Sustainability Manager, Caroline Thalund. Caroline, through her extensive history in the sustainability space, has developed a digital platform that helps businesses grow sustainably by providing easy tracking and reporting of sustainability targets based on UN Sustainable Development Goals.

During her time at Christchurch International Airport, Caroline took up the challenge of making sustainability an open conversation. Strategy around sustainability can often be hindered by cumbersome and intensive data affecting a team’s ability to become engaged and make change. Driven by this challenge, Caroline developed Sustainability 360, a startup enabling corporate stakeholders to understand the efforts and progress of their sustainability objectives clearly. S360 aims to simplify and report on data, make information clear and drive positive culture. 

Working alongside the Ministry of Awesome at the Ara-based Te Ōhaka – Centre for Growth & Innovation since late 2019, Caroline has developed her platform from refining the venture's value proposition, business model, and pitch to potential customers. With collaboration from the students and team at Ara, the project has taken form and is ready for demo. 

Cook Brothers are so proud to be one of the first businesses to pilot the program, developed by one of our own, as part of our sustainability journey. With Caroline at the helm, we are excited to see where the startup will lead.