Inflight logistics warehouse Cook Brothers Construction 3

5 Green Star rating for Auckland Logistics

Auckland Industry Updates Project Update 3 August 2020


A huge congratulations go to Air New Zealand, Beca, Eclipse Architecture, Thorburn Consultants, RLB, RCP, and the Cook Brothers Auckland team for achieving a 5 Green Star Industrial v3 Design rating for the recently completed Inflight Logistics Warehouse at Auckland Airport. 

In 2017, Air New Zealand put forward the proposed development of a new high bay 5000m2 Logistics Centre located on Laurence Stevens Drive. This new facility would go on to accommodate the in-flight distribution operations, engineering maintenance, overflow aircraft spares, and other general storage requirements for Air New Zealand. 

Designed to offer the best possible efficiencies to target a Green Star rating, Logistics required detailed assessments and computer modelling of daylighting, energy performance, and CFD analysis throughout the design stages. Targeting Green Star also required careful consideration of materials, building services design, and contractor engagement throughout the construction.

"This rating is a really exciting, positive result and shows great leadership. By designing to such a high standard the team is helping deliver better results for those using the space, and for our precious environment." Chief Executive NZGBC, Andrew Eagles.

What resulted was a facility that allowed not only for Air New Zealand’s current storage requirements but also the capacity for future growth, increased efficiency and a more cohesive workplace community. With its striking design and sustainable focus, Logistics is an outstanding example of a building for the future.

A 5 Green Star rating from the NZGBC demonstrates New Zealand excellence and leadership in green building, and we are so proud to have been a part of this fantastic project.