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Southern Lakes Commercial

Our Southern Lakes team was proud to be a part of the captivating heritage project at Ayrburn Domain alongside our partner Winton. Commencing in October 2021, this endeavour reached completion in 2023. 

The care and expertise, shown by our team and specialised Trade Partners throughout the unique restoration of the three existing heritage buildings and introduction a new structure to the site is exemplary evidence of the care and quality synonymous with the Cook Brothers team. 

The collaboration with Architect SA Studio and heritage advisories was essential in preserving as much original material as possible and notably, substantial stone and timber elements salvaged from the deconstruction and thoughtfully incorporated into the restored buildings, honouring their historical significance. With a pallet of limewashed stone, blackened steel and stained vertical cedar throughout the thoughtfully designed concept. The repurposed woolshed, stables and dairy now have new life. 

The Ayrburn Domain heritage project is a testament to our team’s unwavering commitment to excellence, craftsmanship, and the preservation of cherished historical treasures and has won the Southern Lakes team the trust of Winton to deliver their Bakehouse and Barrel Room Projects currently under construction.