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Golden Centre Mall


New shopping precinct in Dunedin

The stunning redevelopment of Dunedin’s original shopping centre, the Golden Centre Mall, was undertaken in two stages. Cook Brothers Construction worked closely with a valued client, Golden Centre Holdings, to produce a superb result - a light and bright new shopping precinct, featuring top local and international stores, and a new food court. This popular new space, known as the Golden Centre, has been greeted with much applause from the Dunedin public and by the client.

The works on this build were complicated as the mall remained a live environment in the heart of the city. Thorough planning was required to keep the public and the construction site separate. The Golden Centre is located on the main street of Dunedin, which had to be accounted for when organising the logistics of site deliveries and loud works to minimise disruptions on businesses nearby and traffic in the area. Cook Brothers Construction made sure that tenancies were handed over on time and business downtime was minimised.