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Element Apartments

Auckland Commercial Fit-Out Design and Build / ECI

Element Apartments are 35 x 1&2 bedroom residences designed with an unwavering commitment to sustainability, intelligent planning and genuine value. Over two three-level buildings, including a storage basement, the design by Peddle Thorp, features a robust and honest material palette of brick and pre-cast concrete that is low maintenance and fitting to the local aesthetic.

With sweeping 360° views of Rangitoto, Mt Eden, One Tree Hill and the Sky Tower, and with lush native landscaping, vertical gardens, layered courtyards and a living green roof, Elements is sure to impress.

The Auckland team first removed the existing 100-year-old villa at the top of the hill in Ellerslie in four pieces and to later reassemble in the Waikato. Site excavations were in the vicinity of 2400m3 with a 4.5m high temporary retaining wall built to maintain the roadside of the site. Due to the location of this new build, communication and engagement with the surrounding neighbourhood were critical at all times. 

With innovation and sustainability at the forefront, the complex retains 90% of its rainwater with two sizeable concrete water tanks; one holds potable water for drinking, the second for irrigation through a complex rain garden filtering process. The programme saw its challenges. However, the team adapted the build methodology to ensure delivery of a quality project.