Millwater 21

Millwater Development

Auckland Commercial

This impressive $17 million development sits within the Millwater Central Retail Centre in Auckland. Creating benefits for both residents and retailers, the development contributes to the variety and quality of amenities within the area, strengthening the local consumer base.

Complex structural and architectural design components coupled with tight timeframes have made Millwater Central Terraces a challenging but memorable project for all parties involved.

Initial challenges present for the project were the temperamental Auckland weather conditions and the unstable ground conditions of the site including the sloping greenfield position which caused subsoil water runoff from the sites above.

With variations to the project throughout construction, the site team came up with a number of innovative ways to progress the project. The Cook Brothers team met the challenges of this build head-on and were credited for their forward-thinking, keeping the job moving from the early stages of design and negotiations through to final construction.

Now complete, the impressive development is a stunning addition to the retail centre and has received a positive response from the local community and retailers.