Poole Lane Residence

Southern Lakes Architectural /Residential

Overlooking the picturesque views of Lake Wakatipu sits the Pool Lane residence. Architecturally designed by Mason and Wales, this two-story home takes every advantage of its Queenstown Hill location. With open living spaces, soft neutral pallets and large windows, the property boasts panoramic views which seamlessly extend from the living areas. The property features two styles of exterior cedar cladding and double-glazed aluminium window joinery.

The Cook Brothers Architectural team first demolished the existing house, leaving the existing block garage, and then constructed the new build. The steep and sloping section posed challenges to the build team allowing for the sheer size of the build and required retaining structure. Our team innovatively looked at alternative ways of completing works to minimise risk and ensure the health and safety of everyone on-site and in neighbouring sections.

The Cook Brothers Architectural team pride themselves on their quality, care and craftsmanship, delivering homes that become legacy. We're incredibly pleased to deliver this beautifully finished residence to our clients in time for their first visit to Queenstown. We know that they will feel right at home.