Frankton Road 058

Frankton Road Townhouses

Southern Lakes Architectural /Residential

Cook Brothers Construction have recently completed the Frankton Road Apartments,  a series of 5 high-end architectural holiday homes in the heart of Queenstown. 

The project includes a full landscape design which consists of shared communal spaces, saunas, spa pools, surrounded in wild grass and schist stone features to harmonise with the Queenstown aesthetic. These two-story homes have specifically been designed around the compact section to ensure uninterrupted views to the mountain and lakes. Each of the homes will be finished with a mix of vertical cedar cladding, metal sheet cladding and schist stone walls. 

With each apartment owned by individual clients, all of whom are friends and family, they each have a distinct and unique design. These requirements resulted in a final project that is bold, architecturally aesthetic and internally striking. 

Our project team have innovatively tried to find every opportunity to minimise material wastage with accurate cedar measures and have worked closely with the architects to change details where there could be improvements. 

The intricate nature of the site has posed its challenges; however, the team have carefully planned and programmed to sequence the houses in a way to maximise efficiency on-site and reduce costs. The Clients are extremely happy with the final outcome.